Reason to invest in Dubai

1) Safe haven for investments
2) Investing in Dubai Tax free. There is no capital gain tax or any other form of tax to be paid on investments or any tax on the rentals received from that property.
3) If you invest more than 1 million AED i.e. Rs 1.5 crore. You can apply for Residency Visa. Which will give you Multiplpe entry options to Dubai?
4) Freehold properties available.
5) Real Estate regulatory Authority (RERA)- Helps you keep a check over your investments so that projects are not delayed in handing over unlike India where developers misuse people money for many years and deliver properties at their own will .
6) Word class construction quality and infrastructure facilities.
7) High end lifestyle options.
8) In turbulent times today Dubai is ranked No 2 for being the best investment option in real estate by Knight Frank the biggest real estate consultancy firm in the world.
9) Close proximity to India, with a two and half hours flight from Mumbai to Dubai.
10) Indians are the No 1 when it comes to investing in real estate in Dubai. Indians are very well respected In Dubai unlike Europe and other countries where Indians face racial discrimination.
11) Investing in Dubai is considered to be a status symbol.
12) Buying and selling properties in Dubai is the easiest, convenient and safest in the world as the crime is the lowest because of strict law.
13) It’s a hub for Global Investors in property. People from all over the world invest in properties in Dubai.
14) Maintenance is done by developers, so there is no headache to maintain it, even though you may be in a different country.
15) Earn maximum return by renting your property. The rental have gone up by 18% in last one year i.e from 2012- 2013. It is highest in the world. Dubai is ranked No 2 in terms of growth rate in the rental value among the top 20 countries in the world.

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