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Buildings are a concrete expression of values – the values of the people who designed, erected and occupy them. Like every art, ARCHITECTURE is a shortcut to our philosophy. In building architecture we erect an armature that will support ourselves and our important values, and offer us as well a place from which to look out on the world around us. Amongst the myriad of ways this can be done, we choose the one that does it for us. It is a shortcut to our philosophy – which is why our choices are often so personal to us. The way it does that is as an extension of ourselves.

“Architecture,” as Aldo van Eyck once said, “is about making a ‘home for man’.” The fact remains nonetheless that the choices we make about how we build our shelter, mark our place and decide what functions our building serves for us. Define something both about us, and about the place we make -- and about the context in which we make it.

Architecture is not just shelter; it is not just ‘marking a spot’: its function is also to delight. Creating tailor made solutions for a variety of User Groups and different markets is a process driven exercise and Brisk Avenue is able to offer the whole spectrum of services involved from concept to commissioning for a wide cross section of these markets. Since its inception, BRISK AVENUE has been involved in all realms of built spaces alike whether new construction , Interior fit outs and renovating spaces. Our expertise in both Architecture and Interior Design enables us to create holistic and comprehensive solutions to complex problems. BRISK AVENUE also provides its services to large planning projects and the support the engineering required for these projects. BRISK AVENUE also has experience in working in collaboration either with other Design Firms or as team members of multi-disciplinary consortia, both locally and overseas. Under our Design leadership, we team up with some of the best Engineering Consultants in the Industry to offer our Clients expertise in various disciplines.

We look to every project and its program for its inherent strengths and character. Each project has unique issues. In BRISK AVENUE studio projects undergo a process of extensive research and a theoretical base is established to deal with those issues. In a rapidly connecting world, we take ideas not only from our immediate surroundings but also learn from global vision.